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Our company

Paradiso 2000 is located in the heart of the city in a 200 sqm site with 3 entrance points on via Repubblica, one of the most important urban thoroughfares where the reconstruction of the city began in the late 1940s, after the devastation suffered because of the intense bombings carried out by the Anglo-American forces in the summer of '43. In the precise location of the famous 'granaves' from which originates the name of the city, that from "Fovea" became Foggia.

How it began

We opened officially in 1975 and then in 1999, after the exile of one of our owners, had to move to an office in the town hall at via XXV April n. 52 where we operated and ran our everyday business.

After 10 years of forced exile, our current property was acquired by the current owner, the son of the founder of the company, and was renovated, modernised and furnished.

Today we have 3 access points via Repubblica. At office number 28 you will find our sober, elegant and welcoming office for grieving families. Our exhibition space of our range of coffins and urns is at number 35, and is also furnished with elegance and sophistication. At number 32 there is the entrance to the public for all our work in typography and printing with a reception desk, photocopiers, a computer room and workshop.

organizzazione funerali


manifesti e ricordini

A large warehouse at the back of the exhibition hall completes our organisation.

Our Mercedes E-Class limousine fleet is found behind our property, where our caretaker is also based.

A 16-metre by 16-metre insignia (logo) made up of 8 consecutive isosceles triangles, with meaningful images, hangs above and illuminates our 3 entrances, giving lustre and decoration to the elegant entrance doors made of stainless steel with anti-slip glass and handlebars each with 3 tubular segments. Our property is surrounded and controlled by a quality CCTV surveillance system with closed circuit cameras. We are proud of our elegant and welcoming space where you can feel at home as you make your arrangements.

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