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storica agenzia funebre

The history of Paradiso 2000 Funerals is entwined with the strong personalities of its owners, who have both, over the years, been protagonists in the evolution of the funeral industry in Italy.

"Paradiso onoranze funebri" was founded in 1975 in via della Repubblica 28/30/32, to challenge those who argued that funerals should be arranged only by nurses (public and private) and a typographer named Alfonso De Santis.

At that time, four companies operated in the city, each with their own network of informants and procurers, who were so competitive that they often degenerated into physical violence.  One funeral parlour was even burned to the ground by a competing company.

In 1977, Paradiso joined the Fe.NIOF (National Federation of Onomany Funebri Enterprises) and its owner, Alfonso De Santis, was co-opted into the National Council of Governors and was elected and re-elected every 3 years.

In 1979 he organized the first national funeral show at the Foggia trade fair, which was attended by some of the most important manufacturers of coffins, funeral cars and furnishings, and was and still is visited by thousands of operators from all Italian and foreign regions.

In the meantime he took over the editorial directorate of the newspaper "The Informant Feniof", in which, for about twenty years, he published hundreds of articles aimed at the moralisation and ethical emancipation of the funeral industry.

It constitutes the Provincial Trade Unions of Funebore Commissions in Confcommercio, of which he is Chairman, while assuming the position of vice-president with delegation. We organise conventions and study days for appropriate insights into the themes and laws governing the funeral sector.

From the 1990s to today

sede impresa funebre

In 1993, with the renewal of the municipal privatisation of urban funeral transportation, in exclusive concession to a single private enterprise, became the leader of protests and advocates for freedom of operation for all businesses. And so began a prolonged campaign of protest posters, a popular petition, and organisation of many marches, some of which were prevented by the PS authorities.

In 1996 we processed and sent an appeal to the Competition and Market Authority which, after two years of investigation, came to a positive conclusion making history for the Italian funeral sector. Response to liberalisation which, also sent to the competent ministries, caused the abolition of municipal deprivations in every city and country where it was in force.

In 1996, with 3 friends, Alfonso founded the Capitanata's Socrem (Society for Cremation), which he is still chairing, carrying on a massive dissemination campaign on ancient but refurbished funeral practices. Socrem now has 250 associates and performs dozens of yearly cremations, even for non-affiliates, with possible ash scattering or relocation of the urn to other family members.

In 2001, he published a 224 page book "The finger in the plague", in which he revealed the disadvantages of the funeral sector, supplemented by anecdotes and personal reflections on death. Formally retired, since January 1, 2000, he has passed the business on to Valerio's son, who has been a collaborator for many years, and continues under the name of Paradiso 2000. Forced to move the company to a more restrained location in civic 24 via della Repubblica, he now continues in the wake of his father's ethical approach, moving away from all forms of libel and prosecution.

In 2011, when the premises were about to be purchased, the company returned to its original home with a welcoming office, coffin and funeral furniture showroom set up by the renowned TG Italiarreda and its printing press prints of posters, memories and whatever else necessary to complete our range of funeral services. Our fleet of vehicles including Mercedes E-Class limousines, completes our offer for grieving families. We offer discretion, fairness, expertise, professionalism and full assistance at every stage of the service, from dressing the deceased to organisation and carrying out the funeral from start to finish.

We work hard to provide every family we work with the best service so that they can grieve, safe in the knowledge that every detail has been taken care of according to their wishes.

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